Plant Evolutionary Cell Biology

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Plant Evolutionary Cell Biology - AG Naegele

abteilungslogo_naegele_quadraticRange boundaries of plant species are shaped by environmental factors like temperature, light, humidity and soil water content. These factors significantly affect plant evolution, development and ecology. To promote our understanding of how plants acclimate to a changing environment, our research focuses on the quantitative analysis of metabolic regulation. We apply a combination of experimental and theoretical methods to develop quantitative models of plant metabolism. Experimental data on photosynthesis, subcellular metabolite concentrations, protein levels and enzyme activities are used to develop mathematical models wich enable the prediction of plant growth in a changing environment. 



  • NEW PAPER: How does vacuolar carbohydrate metabolism affect photosynthesis? We have developed a subcellular mathematical model to answer this question - read more.  
  • Interested in mathematical modelling of metabolism? Thomas Nägele will give a hands-on workshop at the Austrian Metabolomics and Proteomics Conference 2018
  • Strategies to stabilize metabolism in a fluctuating environment - we present and discuss our hypothesis at the conference on Synthetic Biology III
  • Lisa Fürtauer presents her work on non-aqueous subcellular fractionation of plant metabolomes at the FEBS Congress 2018